Zwift – Leading through Douce France

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Picture this: A 75 km endurance ride with the Zwift Nederland crew, navigating the breathtaking Douce France route. This social Zwift ride was a memorable journey, not just because of the stunning landscapes but also because we maintained a consistent 1.9 Watts per kilogram (W/kg) pace throughout the ride. Join me, as Yellow Beacon, as we recount this epic endurance adventure.

The Challenge: Endurance at 1.9 W/kg

An endurance ride at a steady 1.9 W/kg pace was the central theme of this journey. The challenge wasn’t in conquering brutal climbs or setting personal records but rather in maintaining a sustainable pace that allowed us to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Douce France route while building endurance.

Zwift Nederland Crew Unites

Almost the whole Zwift Nederland crew joined this time, and together with 150+ riders we were focused on a shared goal: to complete this endurance ride together. Our diverse group of riders, spanning various skill levels, made it clear that Zwift is more than just a cycling platform; it’s a community that connects people through their love for the sport.

Femke: The Anchor of Support

Femke, as the sweeper team leader, continued to play a crucial role. Her guidance, encouragement, and expertise helped ensure that everyone maintained the target pace. This ride was a testament to the importance of teamwork, especially when focused on endurance and pacing.

The Journey Unfolds

Setting off on our journey along the Douce France route, we marveled at the stunning scenery. The lush landscapes and charming villages passed by as we steadily pedaled at 1.9 W/kg. While the pace wasn’t blistering, it allowed us to soak in the beauty of our digital surroundings and have meaningful conversations, laughs and chitchat along the way.

167 riders total

Endurance Lessons

Endurance rides are more than just physical challenges; they also teach valuable lessons about pacing and patience. This ride allowed us to strengthen our endurance, both physically and mentally, by maintaining the prescribed pace for the entire 75 km.

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