Safe-iD is a digital platform in which we as a user create a profile with our personal and medical data to release in case of an emergency or other help. With Safe-iD we have our data virtually and always with us. We decide for ourselves what information we want to show and change. Our profile with all information is securely stored in their data centers.

How does Safe-iD work?

In the event of an emergency, care providers can offer quick and targeted assistance by scanning our personal QR code on the so-called “tag” of our Safe-iD product. With a Safe-iD product we always have our medical and personal data with us.

After purchasing our product, we activate the unique code on our tag on their website. After activation we create an account, after which we can fill in our profile with data such as: the (emergency) number of people staying at home and partners, allergies, doctor and other details that are important for adequate help in an emergency.

Our profile is securely stored on their digital platform. we can decide ourselves at any time which information we want to enter and change.

  • Enter your personal and medical profile
  • Wear your Safe-iD with QR code
  • Your data can be scanned by rescuers

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