Bike wall mount by Botl Amsterdam

Another bike in the house means another storage solution. So after some searching I came in contact with Botl Amsterdam. A small company located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. One of the products they have in their assortment is “Bike On The Ledge“, in my case the oak version. The bike hanger is first smoked and then oiled. During the smoking process, the pigments in the wood provide the different color tones. This means that no one product will be the same and that is one of the reasons why I choose the “Bike On The Ledge”.

The bicycle wall mount comes neatly packed in a carton box and when you open this (see the unboxing video below) it is wrapped like a present. A nice welcoming message is giving you that special feeling of buying something custom made for you. The color of this bike furniture itself is just amazing!

Their Motto:

Make small spaces inspiring!

Their products (they have more than bike racks) are based on city life in the center of Amsterdam, trying to combine functionality with style. The “Bike On The Ledge” started out for their own use but shortly after they started to make them for family and friends. BOTL Amsterdam’s products are of the best quality and have a high-quality finish.

Product details:

The bicycle hanger has a length of 32 cm, a width of 32 cm and a height of 12.5 cm.
The frame opening is 4.9 cm and the product can carry a bicycle up to 12.5 kg.
The bike wall mount itself weighs 4.9 kg.

Putting the bike storage solution on the wall:

The mounting on the wall is pretty easy. In the back of the wall mount are 3 little holes which are corresponding with the 3 screws they deliver with the product. So it is just a matter of determine where you want to mount it on the wall. Measure and make sure it is aligned properly. Drill the holes, apply the plugs and start screwing it into the wall. Once all 3 screws are in you are ready to put your bike on the wall, as easy as that!

Overall product review:

The bike holder is made of a really good quality and I trust it totally for mounting my precious on the wall. The oak looks amazing and the details are stunning. Mounted on the wall it really looks like a piece of art. I like the fact you can place your helmet on top of it but also that you can store little things below the cover.

Overall I would rate this really a 5 out of 5 stars. A must have when you want art on the wall!

Here is the unboxing video:

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