ShokZ OpenFit Air

I recently had the privilege of being one of the first to try out the new ShokZ OpenFit Air. It’s always exciting to get a sneak peek at the latest innovations, and I’m eager to share my detailed experience with this product.

Battery Life

The battery life of the ShokZ OpenFit Air is impressive. With daily use of approximately four to five hours, including both phone calls and listening to music, the headset lasted throughout the day without any issues. Additionally, the headset charges quickly, which is incredibly convenient for those with busy schedules.

Usage Scenarios

I’ve tested the headset in various scenarios:

• Gravel Biking: The headset stays securely in place even during intense rides on rough paths. The open-ear design ensures that I am always aware of my surroundings, enhancing my safety while cycling.

• Working from Home: During conference calls, the headset provided excellent sound quality and comfort. Colleagues noticed a significant improvement in the clarity of my voice.

• Traveling: During my flight to Berlin, the headset performed well, allowing me to enjoy Netflix without distractions in the busy environment of the airplane.

Wearing Experience

The ShokZ OpenFit Air is exceptionally comfortable, even after extended periods of use. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it possible to wear the headset almost all day without discomfort. As a glasses wearer, I particularly appreciated how well the headset integrates with my glasses. It’s often a challenge to find a headset that fits comfortably behind the ears, but the ShokZ OpenFit Air excels in this area.


I appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ease of connecting the headset to various devices. The connectivity is stable, and the sound quality is consistently high.

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