Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – Review

As part of an instagram #giveaway from Carbon Herstel (Recovery) early October I won a repaint job for my Merida bike. Here you can read a review of the complete process.

The Drop off

On October 11 while on my way to Eindhoven for my Octoberfest ride weekend I dropped of my Merida frame. They invited me very friendly and we started immediately to talk of what else cycling 🙂

We discussed my idea of painting the Merida into the same colors of my custom Wilier and the ideas of the guys from Carbon Herstel started to flow. It was great to see how creative brains work.

After we took the before picture Tim showed me around the shop. They are very busy with just a team of 4 and they do everything themselves. Repairing, painting and designing. Such a great and energized environment to spend some time.

The next step was repairing the back bridge first as this was broken and needed a repair.

The Repair

On November 11th I received the first pictures of the repair they did on my back bridge. It realy looks like magic. At this point you can still see of course where the repair took place but after the paint job the back bridge is as strong or even stronger then before the repair.

The Paint Job

On November 14th I received a new picture of the next step in the process. They sanded the frame completely and did put the base layer onto it. 

Also we had contact about the paint job itself. We changed the idea slightly (not telling to much) but the original idea in general still holds. 

As planned on November 15th the paint job started and the pictures start flowing in. Still without the finishing touch you can already see that the matching starts to work out perfectly:

Monday 25th it finally happened, the painting was done and I received the final pictures. I really love the way the design is working out:

The Pick Up

On November 29th it was time to pick it up and take it home. When I arrived at the shop the frame was still in the oven so when I received it the frame still felt warm. Weird feeling 🙂 After the “after” picture it was ready to take it home.

I think did an amazing job and whenever you need a carbon repair or paint job visit

You can read more about the build up and first ride here.

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