Grand Headbands – Review

October 29 I received an envelope from Australia with in there 2 amazing headbands, the Running Headband and the Black Running Terry Towelling Sweatband. Both are good looking high quality headbands which will have a different purpose for me. The Running Headband I will be using mostly for running as it is very wide and can go over my ears, something I prefer during this time of the year. The Towelling Sweatband will be predominantly used during my indoor cycling session. In those sessions I sweat a lot and a normal headband is not capable of keeping up with this. The towelling headband for sure will do its job.

As you can see on the pictures below both bands came in a sturdy envelope protection them very well. Inside was a nice note from Mike, as well as a business card, Grand HeadBands. Below the pictures you can find a nice description of each band from their website.

The Running Headband

Description from the Gran Headbands website: The Allrounder Headband is crafted in soft natural cotton and stretchy spandex for a comfortable fit. Wear it any time of the year, in any season. Lightweight, simple and versatile—perfect for any athlete.

The Black Running Terry Towelling Sweatband

Description from the Gran Headbands website: This black running terry towelling sweatband was developed and designed by a runner, for runners. The inspiration was the impractical struggle of how difficult it was to find something that looked good and was wide enough to fit over your ears and thick enough that stopped sweat from running into eyes. Made from quality high grade soft thick terry towellng it’s a lot thicker, wider than most headbands and nothing like the cheap nasty ones on the market 

Running and Cycling with the headbands

The first one I tried was the Towelling Sweatband and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The band is wider and also thicker then normal other brands I have used. Holding it in your hands gives a feeling of quality. But of course the proof is in the pudding so on my indoor bike for a 30 min Jungle route on Zwift, for the zwifters under us you know what I am talking about. To make me extra sweaty I didn’t turn on my fan with the immediate result of getting warm quickly. Normally with the other brand band after 10-15 minutes my band start to soak and sweat is dripping through the band on my face. But not with this Towelling Sweatband. Although I was sweating intense my face kept dry. So kudos to Grand Headbands because this one is for certain approved.

Of course I couldn’t wait to test also the other headband. As written in my review of The Feel Good Lab – Sport Recovery Lotion I started running again this week. A good opportunity to test my new headband during run number 3 of this week. As autumn has started and it’s very windy a wide band is this is very useful to keep the wind out of my ears. Having my aftershokz underneath the band was totally no issue and didn’t interfere with both the wearability of the band nor the headphone. The band kept my head warm (not to warm) and the sweat out of my eyes. So also this one is recommendable!

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