Rijwielverlichting.nl (bicycle lights)

Rijwielverlichting.nl is a small startup company that focus on selling bicycle lights.

Why bicyle lights you would ask?

When the sun has set, you cycle in the dark or in poor visibility, your bicycle must be equipped with proper lighting. In addition, the lighting must of course be on. You also need a front and rear light. Individual lamps are also allowed.

Do you not have bicycle lighting or do you cycle without lighting? Then you can get a ticket for cycling without light. The fine for cycling without light will be 55 euros in 2020. In addition, there will be an additional 9 euros in administration costs. So in total you pay 64 euros!

In short, the fine for bicycles without light is a huge waste of money. On Rijwielverlichting.nl you will find a lot of bicycle lights for much less. In addition, with good lighting you are much more visible to other road users and your own safety in traffic is better guaranteed.

So stay safe and make yourself visible!

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