Parentini Intenso – Review

At the beginning of this year I received the new Parentini Intenso summer bibshort for testing. Unfortunately due to our COVID-19 pandemic it wasn’t until May 9th that I was able to go out and test this on the road, see picture later in this review.

In this review I would like to point out the differences between some of the other bib shorts I have from Parentini and why I like this new improved Intenso.

In the following picture you will see 3 different models: Forte, Intenso and Vero. Those are the 3 most popular models from Parentini and each of them have different characteristics, which I won’t discuss here, but the main difference with the new improved Intenso is directly visible. No more band around your leg, similar like they did on the arms with the Piuma.

Forte, Intenso and Vero

The new Intenso looks a lot more old skool and closes around your leg perfectly. Without the band the tension on your upper leg is completely reduced and when we take a closer look you see the reason why.

Intenso vs Vero

Normally you would think that you would need such band to keep your bib from sliding upwards, which is the most irritating thing when that happens during cycling. But Parentini did an amazing job by putting the gripper on the inside. Also a lot of other brands tried this before, always lead to itching your upper leg, but the way they did this has nothing irritating at all. The tiny structure on the inside is enough to keep your bibs from sliding. Very great idea!

Inside gripper

Also the padding of the bibshort is again high quality, something that more or less counts for all Parentini shorts. While the padding doesn’t feel extremely thick it supports you in all the right places without causing points of irritation. The padding in the Intenso is suitable for long endurance rides.

Last but not least with all the new bibshorts of Parentini they added also with the Intenso a label on the back where you can write your personal information. An inventive idea so that healthcare personal have access to your emergency number, which you hopefully not need.

Overall summary the new Intenso looks a lot cleaner then it’s predecessor and with the inside gripper instead of the band it’s a lot more comfortable. If you got interested please visit online or in the store at Italian Cycle Experience and order your Parentini kits right now, you won’t regret it.

Pictures of my test ride

See also my review on the Piuma, which you see above, as well on their Mossa, the water- and windproof jersey.

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