Parentini Inga and Intenso K-dry bib tights

This week I recieved some new Parentini Bikewear items which I want to review here. Both are from their new winter collection and have some very cool features which I will discuss later. I received the items via which is the Dutch distributor of Parentini. Over the last couple of years I am in very close contact with the guys behind Brakeaway and as such selecting the right size is easy as I can contact them whenever I am in doubt, and I am pretty sure they will help you too if needed!

The items I want to discuss are the following and available via the link on the items:

Mossa 3.0 Inga Green

This bright green “MOSSA” jacket, the new version of my Mossa jersey, with reflective options on the back is really perfect for all the seasons. The WINDTEX membrane that makes it windproof, waterproof both most important breathable keeps you warm under any circumtances. Being water-repellent this MOSSA leaves the competition like GABBA way behind itself. The jacket is very light and elastic sleeves fit perfectly like a second skin. In first instance when you try the jacket you probably going to think that the sleeves are so thin they will never protect you against wind or water but the truth is very different. I used the jacket at around 10 degrees Celcius and was just wearing a sleeveless base layer and normal Parentini jersey below it. This combination was already slightly too warm and I am sure the jersey wasn’t needed at all, so next time without. The back pockets are big enough to fit everything you need but not to bulky that they will catch wind.

The other amazing thing of this jacket is the “Inga” part. INGA clothing is produced with fabrics made with GRS certified recycled yarn and is realized, for the entire production cycle, in Parentinis laboratory in Tuscany, thus minimizing C02 emissions. In fact, their company has always produced in an environmentally sustainable way. INGA or ‘tree of miracles” is a symbol of rebirth; It is a tropical plant that with its white flowers and nitrogen fixing abilities can constitute a stop to fires and deforestation in the Amazon because it grows quickly on very degraded soils and can favor fauna, creating new habitats.

I think this is so cool from Parentini because now this is not only my favorite cycling brand but knowing they do even more back for the environment than they always did really gives me the feeling I made the right decision.


  • MOSSA 3.0 Windtex Storm Shield Jacket
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Waterepellent with ‘Hydro’ treatment
  • Temp: -5 to 18 C

Intenso K-Dry Bib Tight

The bib tights is a new version of my K-dry bib and is made with the Super Roubaix, waterepellent with HYDRO treatment. The Intenso bib is a really good addition to the new line and also the changed fitting from the waistline to the shoulders. This new design really follows your body and while cycling it really feels like you are not wearing a tight. None of the stiches are irritating or even feel out of place. The previous K-dry bib I was wearing with leg warmers which especially around your tighs are always noticable but with this new tight this is completely gone. The end of the legs have reflecting options and also the zip, although not visible in my pictures as I wear my green Parentini socks over them. While riding again with 10 Celcius the bib was not too warm and you absolutely do not need any addtional bib underneath it because the Intenso bib iteself is top quality.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Waterepellent with ‘Hydro’ treatment
  • Temp: -2 to 20 C

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