ReHook Emergency Bike Repair Kit

In November I introduced you to the ReHook Plus, a simple tool that gets your chain back on your bike without a mess. But the guys and girls from Rehook have been busy extending their product line with multi tools and bike pumps. This resulted in one of their new offerings – the complete lightweight emergency tool kit.

The Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit contains essential tools to combat everyday cycling issues. Each item is precision engineered to be as lightweight and compact as possible. Something that is very useful for me as a cyclist as I do want to have some repairing options with me but I don’t want to carry my full toolbox on my back.

So let me get into the details of the kit, it contains the following items:

  • Rehook Plus Multi Tool, including:
    • Rehook chain tool head
    • 2x tyre levers
    • 2x spoke keys
    • 8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrenches
    • 5mm and 6mm hex/Allen keys
    • PH1 Phillips screwdriver
    • Attachment strap
    • Additional tyre lever
  • Reload Tin, including:
    • 5x additional tool bits – T25, T30, PH1, H5, H6
  • Rehook Air Mini Universal Bike Pump, including:
    • Bike frame bracket
    • Ball pump needle
  • 2x Gooeys Glueless Puncture Repair Kits

As I have written about the ReHook Plus already itself I want to zoom into the other products in this particular review.

Rehook Air Mini Universal Bike Pump

Rehook AIR is a extremely lightweight and compact universal handheld pump that you can carry in your jersey pocket, in your handle bar bag or with the bike frame bracket attach it to your bike. It is very small so it will fit in those options perfectly with weighing you down. I prefer to store it in my handle bar bag so I can never forget it but it also won’t get dirty when I am graveling. It comes built with both Presta and Schrader valves so I don’t have to worry which inner tube I am fitting.

The additional ball pump needle is also very useful with two boys in the house, which for some reason always have an empty soccer ball when they want to go out.

One thing that could have make the pump even better would have been an option to add a CO2 option. This would avoid having pumping but would also add weight, so I depends what you prefer.

Gooeys Glueless Puncture Repair Kits

The Rehook Gooeys puncture repair patches are essential in an emergency repair kit and especially while graveling where punctures are inevitable. No more messing around with glue that always seems to stick on everything except onto your patch because the Gooeys stick straight onto the inner tube covering the puncture. Also this is have now always with me in my handle bar bag because the additional extra 4 grams is nothing compared to effort and time it saves me repairing with the traditional way. Extremely important when you are getting a puncture when it is cold or rainy.

Extra compare to the normal Rehook Plus

So the only non discussed parts in this kit compare to the regular Rehook Plus are the Reload Tin (which is very handy because the more bits you have to more you can repair) and the additional tyre lever (three levers is always better than two). Both items are really valuable additions and can cover my …. when I really am in trouble and need some quick fixing to do while graveling.

Overall I would rate this emergency kit for the use while graveling or other biking a 4 out of 5 stars. Adding a CO2 option in the pump would give it a full 5 stars.

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If you want more info about ReHook check:

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