First time running

It is Sunday Januari 26 and the weather looks fabulous, a bit cold but straight blue sky. I look outside and start to wonder if I will try to run.

Trying I hear you say? Just put on your shoes and start running. But it is for me not that simple. My last run was May 2017 just before I broke my hip beginning of July. Although I worked very hard on my recovery and ran on the thread mill at my physical-therapist it was never pain free. It got even worse after I broke my other hip in August 2018. Running, walking, sleeping and even sitting where not pain free so the idea of wanting to run was both exciting as terrifying.

Why try now is probably your next thought? Because I am now about 1,5 after my surgery where they removed the screws that was bothering me so much. Since then my hip feels freed which give me the idea that running is possible.

So with the idea in my head I grabbed my running gear from my closet, way at the back, charged my Garmin and Aftershokz, searches for my ASICS, no clue where they were, and got ready to do my run. Of course a little bit of stretching while waiting for my Garmin to find its GPS I was ready to run.

I have to say I was very surprised with the way it went. My hip didn’t hurt at all and the feeling was great. I still have an awkward wobble which came during the recovery but I am positive when running more this will adjust itself again.

So my first run. Worked out well and I am already looking for the next one. My goal is not to run a 15 km or 1/2 marathon any more but a solid 10 km would be nice.

Look out for more running posts here on my blog because “if you do it once you can do it again”!

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