Alpe du Zwift

Last year October team “No Proof, No Glory”, the same bunch of the Gran Fondo Rosa – 2018, had the wonderful idea of climbing the virtual Alpe d’Huez on Zwift multiple times in one day. The goal was a minimum of thee but possibly five times. So we picked a date, March 23 2019, and the planning could start. The days up to the event a lot of doubt was raised. Could we do this? How many times was possible? Should we do this? But on the day itself every body was motivated. My living room became a kind of gym where we lined up five trainers and all the equipment. After about five hours plus Bianca and myself climbed it three times. Lisette and Edwin decided that two times was enough, also a very good attempt because it seemed much than we actually thought. As Boukje was not done she was the only one left for her third climb the continued to push her pedals and also finally made it up there. The pizza at lunch and the sushi and Gin Tonics afterwards made it all worth it.

Doing this kind of crazy stuff with this groups really brings us closer together. I wonder what the next crazy event will be?

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