The Feel Good Lab

Who or what is The Feel Good Lab?

Relief Without Compromise

The Feel Good Lab is created because there weren’t any over-the-counter pain relievers that they personally wanted to use or would ever recommend. They wanted products that work without all the chemical junk, nasty smells, or intense burning sensations. So that’s what they started making.

Most Products Aren’t Designed for Chronic Pain

The more you use a product the more of an impact it can have your overall wellness. Unfortunately, when it came to finding effective over-the-counter pain relief products that weren’t bad for patients, it was slim pickings. As in, they didn’t exist. Spoiler alert: until now.

Make Healthy Pain Relief More Accessible

They believe that whether you need to soothe arthritis pain or you’re an athlete recovering from routine soreness, you deserve products that relieve frequent pain without compromising wellness. That’s why they’re on a mission to change medicine cabinets everywhere. They imagine a world where peoples’ first instinct is not to reach for a bottle of ibuprofen to mask localized pain. Instead, they use products that support the body’s innate ability to repair, heal, and recover.

I will review their Sport Recovery Lotion soon!

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