The Pack Phone Case

I always struggle what to do with my phone when riding under wet conditions. Although my iPhone 12 Pro is completely waterproof I still don’t want to take the risk to get it fully wet while riding in pouring rain. So I did some investigation and found The Pack Phone Case, according their website, it is the ultimate solution for safely carrying your phone while riding!

Honestly said it could not have arrived on a better timing as last Sunday I planned the Gran Fondo Rosa together with my friends (for the third time) and the forecast was gruwel some. Heavy rain showers, hail and thunderstorms were to be expected so The Pack Phone case could be tested properly. The padded sides of the case in combination with full waterproof material and zipper should sure my phone should be safe during this conditions.


So when the ride begun I carefully packed my phone and car keys inside the case. Zipping it close needs some work but this makes sure the case is waterproof. The case, large to fit my phone, is fitting the back pocket of my jersey perfectly. Also on cobbled roads I had never the impression it could drop out.

And then the rain came. Heavy big drops where falling down the sky but the case did its job totally. My keys and phone where totally dry although the outside of the case was wet. So job well done!

I would rate this product 5 out of 5 stars:

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