Unwrapping the Velosock and seeing for the first time does remember you as a big pillow cushion. Getting it on the bike is a bit of a struggle, but not difficult, which I am sure you get the hang of while doing it more over time. The finished result is your bicycle wrapped secure in a spandex wrapper. Personally, I quite like the design matching my bike and it doesn’t seem to disturb me standing in the living room.

The suggest uses for the Velosock are:

  • After daily rides for storage in the home and office
  • Carrying a bike on public transport
  • Inside a car

The sock will definitely help keep grease off objects surrounding your bike and any mud is kept contained within the sock. Unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof, so any water after a raining ride will still wet on to the floor. The good thing is you can machine wash the Velosock and it’s quick drying, so it’s easy to keep it clean.

For inside a car I definitely see a use there too. Keeping the chain staining onto your car isn’t something you want and also it prevent your bike from scratching. Double good looking functionality.

The Velosock comes in a variety of different designs and if you are looking for a unique gift for a cyclist this is really something to consider!

Use the following link to order one yourself: use velosock_webhaaz for 10% discount

Here you see my Velosock in action during for example the Octoberfest Ride:

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