Revoloop Race inner tyre

During the Rotterdam 6, already in January, I received from BusyBee Bike Products a new innovative product. The are specialized in finding such cool stuff. When looking up the Revoloop online they claim to be inner tubes of the future and I have to say the might be right. Let’s start with some we all know as cyclist, the normal black rubber inner tube. The Revoloop fits twice the size of such a normal one so it is very convenient to take it with you while you ride, more space for food! Next to the size they are also very lightweighted, only 39 grams!

Another great feature of the tyre is that if you drive a puncture, you can easily repair your Revoloop, without glue! They have a Repair kit that automatically fixes your Revoloop. Next to the practical side of carrying them they also retain the air longer, so even when you not ride the Revoloop keeps your tire ready for your next ride.

Last thing before you can watch my video is an important one, the Revoloop is 100% recyclable.

The Revoloop is not only available for Race but also for Cyclocross/Gravel and MTB with similar cool characteristics.

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