Aftershokz – Unboxing & Review

On November 18th I received a message on Instagram from DorisWisdom123, she is the International Marketing Manager for Aftershokz, about if I was willing to test and review their new Aeropex, a bone conduction sports headphone. I was of course very flattered that she reached out to me and I told her that I would love to do this. So the waiting game started 🙂

Saturday December 7th it finally arrived and the unboxing could start. I felt really a bit like Christmas. The Aeropex comes in a luxury box. The headphone is located left and the accessorizes on the right. The accessorizes consist of a pouch, ear plugs and 2 charger cables – very convenient as one can be used for travel and one to stay at home. Connecting the headphone is child work and then the moment you first put them one.

More photos will follow but I have currently an issue with uploading them.

The ears are very comfortable and I think they will fit everyone. At first you want to put them on your ears but soon after you discover that it is not needed. The sound is really going through your head and when you put your fingers in your ears you immediately understand the ear plugs. It is like you are singing a song in your head yourself. I have to say this got me impressed.

During my Zwift ride on December I used them for the first time during sports. The best thing about them is that you really can hear the surrounding, which means that if someone is at my front door or my kids ask me something I still can here them.

I took them outside for a ride and they are absolutely fabulous. You can hear every bit of surrounding noise while listening to your favorite Spotify play list. Also as you can see below it doesn’t hinder you wearing a bandanna (in winter time for example), helmet or glasses. They fit perfectly and keep that way for the complete ride.

Also while running they work amazing. You don’t even have the feeling you are wearing them even though you hear the music all the time. They do not bounce even when you wear a cap.

For me no more earplugs!!

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