Via instagram I got in contract with GoldNutrition about a possible ambassadorship of their products. As I am always interested in promotion new brands with a great vision I said immediately yes!

GoldNutrition is a Portuguese brand of sports nutrition. They are very strong in taste and overall eating experience. For example, they have developed an extra liquid variant in addition to the traditional energy gel. This gel is very suitable for running. GoldNutrition is a modern brand and is currently working hard on the Vegan range. In addition to standard sports nutrition such as bars, gels and shakes, the range of supplements is also getting wider.

Much of the GoldNutrition range is doping proof. This means that every new production round is checked by WADA against the internationally prohibited ingredient list. Because this is a very expensive test, not all products are screened every time. A number of products were tested at the start-up phase and after that the production was maladjusted and therefore in theory doping free. There are also some production that will not pass a doping test. This is always indicated on the technical sheet.

GoldNutrition is a relatively new brand on the Dutch market. For a year now, there have been a few outlets selling gels and bars. From the beginning of 2020 GoldNutrition is available via Weekend Warrior (25% discount on all their products with webhaaz25). To introduce the brand to the Dutch market, the focus is currently on the products that can be used during and after exercise. More products will be added in the future.

More details about GoldNutrituon….


BE EXCELLENT, more than a brand, GoldNutrition is a family, which feeds on the passion for nutrition and the power it has to change people’s lives.


QUALITY NUTRITION, ANY TIME ANYWHERE, their aim is to create quality products that are suitable for any moment of life in any part of the world.


INSPIRING THROUGH NUTRITION, they believe that good nutrition has the power to inspire changes, goals and desires and has a great influence on our life paths. They are an active part of the innovation and development process with formulas that meet the needs of their audience. Because quality is in the brand’s DNA.


INNOVATION, one of GoldNutrition’s great strengths is creating products that have a real impact on people’s lives.
TOGETHERNESS, we take care of our consumers in the same way that we take care of our family: educating, teaching, and respecting.
CONFIDENCE, they work hard, honestly and transparently, so that their consumers feel the difference in their lives.
QUALITY, they guarantee that their products go through a rigorous formulation, design and testing process until they reach the consumer.

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