Closing 2020 – Beginning 2021

The year 2020 was a strange and difficult year, which started of actually really good with the removal of the last material from my hip. The freedom in movement gave me also the abillity to ski again in Val Thorens. But returning from this amazing trip was the start of a period, which has not ended today. COVID has the world in his grip and is making it very difficult to meet with familiy and friends. The only real contact is virtual and sporting together is almost impossible, with the exception of some “special rides” and this is also reflected in my #yearinsport totals:

The freedom in movement but the lack of goals like in 2018 was not the optimal mindset to excel in sports for me. My new bike was used but not the way I planned it, the best gravel routes I planned to do had to be shortened because of the high temperatures and also the ones in the northern and southern part of the Netherlands had to be cancelled because of COVID. That doesn’t mean I didn’t had fun with the bike at all, because I totally did. I love the feeling of gravel and cannot wait to do this more in 2021.

Was 2020 totally SHIT? No, because I got a number of new collaborations with awesome brands:

And supporting some addtional brands:

But I also extended my collaborations, which I am very grateful off:

Furthermore I wrote a number of reviews:

And last but not least had and cool interview with Ortho Movement!

Also my instagram account grew to over 5500 followers and have my first 1000 likes on a single picture, actually 3 made this score with more than 10.000 views. I am really honorred with the support my brands and followers give me. I appreciate every like and comment!

So this brings me to 2021 and the goals I have….. which is most importantly having FUN!

Sportive goals

  • Enjoying cycling as much as I did all the years before
  • Hopefully riding with my friends and others
  • Going to the mountains and climbing them
  • Bikepacking to Maastricht and Groningen
  • Discovering new roads on my road, gravel and/or mountainbike
  • Riding more kilometers then 2020

Personal goals

  • Spending lots more time with my loved ones
  • Enjoying holidays
  • Visit countries for work
  • Going to parties and festivals

Wishing you all who reads this all the best for 2021 and hopefully same time next year we have all better stories to write!

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