Cupplement Coffee – if you want just more then normal coffee

A couple of days ago I introduced Cupplement Coffee here on my blog. A new coffee brand which have added vitamins and superfoods as basis of their coffee. Over the weekend I received the package and of course I couldn’t resist the urge to immediately test it and write my personal opinion of the coffee.

The package arrived in a white protective envelope and in there was the package of 10 coffee cups. The packaging is visually very attractive and you can see that they took their time designing it. The package itself is made of carton and the cups, which are Nespresso machine compatible, are compostable. The coffee itself is Fairtrade so you feel that they are environmental aware, which is a big plus for me. The information on the package is very clear and lists out the added vitamins: Thiamine, Riboflavine, Cobalamine, Guarana, MCT oil.

The coffee itself is a tasteful blend with a mild roast, according the packaging the strength is a 6 out of 10. The 100% Arabic coffee, The El Palto from Peru, can be used to create a Lungo cup of coffee. The taste is rich and pretty strong, who does like a weak cup of coffee anyway? The promised impact of a longer energy boost due to the added Guarana can be felt as I normally want to have another cup immediately after my first one. With the Cupplement coffee I don’t feel that urge!

The coffee has several quality marks, including the BIO and the Fairtrade quality mark so you know that you are drinking a great cup of coffee.

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If you want to know more don’t hesitate to send me a message and/or read other brand reviews here!

Cupplement Coffee if you want just more then normal coffee!

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