Adventure, Food and Gravel – Day 2

Today was a planned route of about 36 km. According to Komoot it was mostly unpaved but the first kilometers where tarmac. So I didn’t expect much of the rest of the route but boy what was I wrong. From the tarmac the ride went along a gravel bike path higher and closer to Sexten (Sesto), a little ski village. From there it took me straight into the meadows and from there the climbing started. Closer to the iconic 3 peaks you see everywhere around here. The last part you weren’t allowed to bike so a little walk to find a great spot for a scenic view. From there it was gravel all the way down again for lunch, little apple pastries with vanilla sauce and a well deserved coke. Sitting there got me a bit chilly so with my Parentini K-dry rain jacket on I continued my downhill, which got me stunned. Instead of the gravel trail I took upwards it took me on a single trail down the forrest. Small rooted tracks with gigantic drops to my right. All the way down I just had to follow the river, not an easy route either with slippery stones, back to Toblach where a big ice-cream was waiting for me.

This was another day well spend on the bike. Let us see what tomorrow brings!

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