Here you can find most recent reviews I did for the brands I either represent or support. The most recent are shown below but please check the main menu on the left for more.

  • Spoortemonneetje – Review
    A few days ago I received a like from @spoortemonneetje on my Instagram account. As I am always curious about who are those account I checked their profile and saw that they are a little company making wallets, bags and more from used track tires. So I started to explore their website and discovered that … Read more
  • Koersplaat – Review
    On Januari 31st I came in contact with Koersplaat about my favorite route, the reason why we started this conversation is because they posted on their Instagram account a route named “Rondje Rotte” which literally is in my backyard. I told them that my favorite route, or the one I am still most proud of, … Read more
  • Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – Review
    As part of an instagram #giveaway from Carbon Herstel (Recovery) early October I won a repaint job for my Merida bike. Here you can read a review of the complete process. The Drop off On October 11 while on my way to Eindhoven for my Octoberfest ride weekend I dropped of my Merida frame. They invited me very friendly … Read more
  • Aftershokz – Unboxing & Review
    On November 18th I received a message on Instagram from DorisWisdom123, she is the International Marketing Manager for Aftershokz, about if I was willing to test and review their new Aeropex, a bone conduction sports headphone. I was of course very flattered that she reached out to me and I told her that I would love to do … Read more
  • Parentini – Piuma & Forte Review
    Some of those days are those days that make you very happy. Like last Saturday! The weather was good and I finally could get my new Parentini kit out of the closet. The first time you wear a new kit is always special because you buy such kit for the looks but is it also wearing as … Read more