Cupplement Coffee

I got introduced with Cupplement Coffee via Instagram, where I received a direct message if I wanted to tryout their coffee. As a cyclist I love my coffee so my first response was “of course”. Then I found out that Cupplement Coffee is not a normal coffee but it is coffee with vitamins and superfoods, which makes it even more interesting to try out. When I receive the test package I will write a detailed review about this coffee here on my blog.

Who is behind Cupplement Coffee?

Stefan and Florian are from Utrecht (The Netherlands) and have the ambition to make people in the world healthier. During their college days, they were constantly discussing new ideas to make healthy nutrition even easier. Cupplement originated from their own passion for coffee and food. They are currently working hard to develop and market the product. Here a short article (Dutch only) about them.

What does Cupplement Coffee promises?

Better focus, superfoods that have a positive influence on your mental performance.
More energy, essential vitamins and superfoods that have a positive effect on your energy metabolism.
A healthy alternative, no more unhealthy energy drinks full of sugars. A nice healthy coffee.

Read more in their informational PDF!

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