The Charity Ride

On Saturday the 19th it was finally time to put myself in a uncomfortable position for those who cannot ride anymore. The “When the lights go out” charity ride against ALS in Eindhoven was on the program. Weeks of anticipation came now together into this one MTB evening ride.

At around 15:00 I put my Trek bike onto my car and drive off to pickup Ronald in Krimpen a/d IJssel. Where we left about 15:45 according schedule. Before we drove off to Eindhoven, where we going to meet up first with Edwin for some burgers and fries, we had to pickup some TUNAP Sports products. This took a little bit more time as the espresso’s where delicious. Thanks René!

We arrived at around 18:00 where Edwin was already waiting for us. The burger-joint that I choose was so good and popular that there was no space left so we had to look for another one. We found a “Orginal Dutch Fries” restaurant, where they also sold Shoarma and Pizza (uhm). But anyhow the burger was good and our stomach filled.

In the meantime Roy David arrived at the start and we joined him there soon after. After a quick change, in my case of course not that quick, we picked up our race number plates inside the athletic track complex. Roy David was so unlucky to get his fingers between the doors which wasn’t a very good start for him. We all know you need both hands while biking.

At around 20:00 we finally managed to start, as one of the last people, were we first got guided around the athletic track but soon after we disappeared into the full dark of the woods and grasslands around Eindhoven. Luckily we receive some good lightning from our sponsors. Unfortunately Roy David had at round 3.5 km again a little accident where he crashed himself into a (#hasht)HEK, where he hit his other hands shoulder. He managed to bike another 6 km with only one hand but at the first stop it was over for him. While we were drinking a nice Dutch liqueur we arranged him to be transported back to the finish line, his bike in a horse trailer.

Now Ronald, Edwin and myself where really the last on the route and we picked up a good pace as we catched up with some groups before us. The route was challenging and slippery with some nice highlights like a short north-shore, that was build by volunteers. At around 1.5 hours into the ride Ronald front light decided that it was done so some of the really dark parts where extra challenging for him, next time use the least brightest option.

After around 32 km on the Garmin we finished where Roy David was waiting for us with a nice well deserved Kwaremont. My bike needs a good clean, the front and back lights need a charge, the bottle a dishwasher and the clothing a wash machine but the ride made this all well worth. Thanks to all sponsors and a special thank to the We Link Together crew, see you soon!

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