Adventure, Food and Gravel – Day 4

Today was my biggest ride for this week until now. The Plätzwiese Tour Autumn 3z Golden Dolomites was about 44 km with 1000 hm which had a climb of 9 km long. A long the way to that climb I past the 3 Zinnen (peaks), although I was thinking all week I was looking at them from the hotel, guess not. The route varied between gravel and tarmac, so was the climb. But I wouldn’t classify it as tarmac, lots of places the tarmac had huge potholes or didn’t even exist. On top of the climb there was an small additional one which took you to a nice plateau and a restaurant. Unlucky the only accepted cash, which I hadn’t on me except for 10 euro. That was enough for a plate full Kaiserschmarren, much needed after that climb. The way back was 15 km of downhill, what a blessing, but also some small off roads climbs. After 5,5 hours I could finally hit the shower but what a wonderful day this was.

My kit of today is the custom Parentini kit “We link together“. Tomorrow another day, read it here: Day 5

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