Team Mont Ventiel

Team Mont Ventiel

Together we peddle cancer out of this world!

Who are we?

Team Mont Ventiel currently consists of 6 people: Jeroen de Haas (Team Captain), Boukje van de Ven, Daniel Kool, Roelof Bruins, Werner Wessels and Elwin Wubs. All passionate cyclists, each with his or her own story about the reasons why this team is going on this adventure.

How did we came together?

Team Mont Ventiel was not our original name, this was Team AD6 Tweets. Under this name we met as complete strangers in May 2011. The Team Captain sent a tweet to the world that he had the idea to join Alpe d’HuZes (another cancer fundraiser event) in 2012 and that he was looking for people to join a team. After a few weeks a team of 8 people (including Daniel, Roelof and Werner) formed and the adventure to get the sponsorship for Alpe d’HuZes.

During the remaining months of 2011 and in the run-up to June 2012, we frequently gathered on training rides, camps and sponsor opportunities.

During one of our sponsor campaigns we met Boukje who put her name and that of some of her friends on the back of our jersey.

In June 2012 was the big day for the team. On this day we have managed as a team 39x the Alp d’Huez and thus raised a lot of money for Alpe d’HuZes.

We grew from completely strangers to real friends and after this great day we agreed together if the chance would occur we would definitely do this together again. And so, it happened that we decided last October to go back in August 2018 for the Mont Ventoux Foundation and Using a new name but with the same goal our joint passion for people who desperately need it

What is our goal?

Raising money, raising a lot of money to make sure that cancer is no longer the deadly disease that it is still at the moment.

The goal of the Mont Ventoux Foundation is to raise as much money as possible, which is then made available to the Dutch Cancer Society and local charities. 60 percent of the total proceeds will be spent on the next two research projects. The remaining 40 percent will benefit local charities.
We as Team Mont Ventiel have chosen as team to, among others, collect the Daniel den Hoed clinic in Rotterdam. The Daniel den Hoed clinic (in full Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, location Daniel den Hoed) is a branch on Rotterdam South of the Erasmus MC that specializes in the care of cancer patients with the associated scientific research, education and training.

What is the effort we make for your donation and sponsorship? Both as a team and therefore individually at least once but hopefully three times the infamous bald mountain (Mont Ventoux) in France to drive.

The top of the Mont Ventoux is at an altitude of 1912 meters. The altitude difference with the foot of the mountain is 1614 m. On the top of the mountain there is a weather station with a large radio mast. The mountain is known because its ascent has been repeatedly included in some renowned cycling races, such as the Tour de France, because of the difficulty and the bare ‘moonscape’.

We hope that you support us so that we can achieve our goal.

Team Mont Ventiel

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