SportWallet is a new platform and was founded at the beginning of this year by the brothers Maurits and Pieter Rüpp.

How it works? Download SportWallet and link your Strava account. After this, kilometers from your activity are automatically added to your SportWallet wallet. Then you see the offer of the retailers where you can cash in the kilometers.

For example, at Parentini – Brakeaway you get a 15 percent discount in exchange for 200 kilometers, or a 20 percent discount at Koersplaat also for 200 kilometers.

So the extra kilometers are not only good for the body and mind, but also for the wallet. In the app store you can download SportWallet for both iOS and Android.

Check the SportWallet website to see which brands are participating.

How it works?

  1. Create an account
  2. Connect with Strava
  3. Bike, run and swim!

Your training is worth money, download the app and take advantage! Never pay the main price again, but the best price!

Find here some examples of some brands I also represent like Pure Bike Passion, Brakeaway, Parentini, Koersplaat, Sport Juwelier, Koerspret and since Oct 22 also TUNAP SPORTS:

So cool SportWallet added this post to their blog:

Find more brands I represent here.

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