Maurten – DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100

Today October 20, 2020 Maurten is launching a new innovative product called DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100 with their top elite athletes, ambassadors and stores will reveal this new innovation to the world.

Caffeine, carbohydrates and hydration. Everything at the same time – and at levels that actually makes a difference. The DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100 has it all. And it delivers this without any added acid, colorants or flavors. By utilizing the hydrogel technology we’ve even managed to mask the bitterness that caffeine usually results in. “it’s another world’s first”.

The DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100 contains 100 mg of caffeine – that’s the equivalent of 1,5 espressos – or one cup of brewed coffee. That’s a lot compared to many of the traditional sports drinks out there.


Find more information about Mautern here.

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