If you know me a bit you wonder what beer does in my favorite brands section. Now actually the answer is pretty simple, beer and cycling are connected since the old days for me. My dad did work at Heineken, I know some of you would not call that beer, for more than 40 years and during that time you had many cycling teams sponsored by Heineken related brands, like Amstel Bier and Buckler. So as a kid I rode around in those nice cycling kits. Getting older I watched all the older cyclist took beer after there sunday rides and when getting in contact with some English riders I found out that they even had “oud bruin” (sucker beer) in their bottles while riding races.

So when I got in contact with Koerspret (Fun about Cycling races), a company based in Grootebroek in the Northern part of the Netherlands, my interest was tickled.

Their motto is: Have fun and enjoy cycling! But after cycling get together to socialize with some beer……. of course Koerspret beer!

Who are they and how did it start!

First there was “Arriere de la Course, a podcast about cycling” …

A successful show in which professional cyclist and Vuelta finisher Peter Koning ‘talks’ about cycling with cycling madmen Wilco Kenter and Michiel Beemster. Light, up-to-date, knowledgeable and with a healthy dose of guts.

But how do you do that? With coffee? No, there is enough. Cycling suits? Not even, because everyone already has their cupboard full. Then what? Beer maybe? Yes, that could be something, because what do you drink after a round of cycling or while watching your race? Correct: beer!

The podcast quickly turns out to be a keeper with a loyal following of listeners. But what if you want to reach even more potential listeners? Then you come up with a strong concept to appeal to new target groups. Then came step two: the name. Because what fits well with cycling and packs the fun that the trio has in a catchy name. Cycling fun? No, that’s more of a name for a lollipop – way too sweet. Recovery beer? Nope, not socially responsible. Koerspret? Yes, perfect, the podcast men thought. Race fun it is!

After they idea was born and they products were set into the market an other cool idea arise their minds, why not start our own team and especially in beach racing. This is how the Beach Bastards started!

Beach Bastards

From beginner to professional cyclist, everyone can participate! Are you also a member of another club? That is no problem either. Really, anyone who wants to experience racing fun on the beach is welcome!

Become a member of Beach Bastards!

  • You do not pay a contribution with us, you only need to purchase a clothing set!
  • Members become part of our “peloton” with lots of beach bike fun!
  • Especially for the peloton we organize a number of knowledge evenings on topics such as Beachbike equipment, maintenance, training and nutrition.
  • We organize a number of Social Rides especially for the peloton The day before a number of major beach races we organize a joint course reconnaissance.
  • As a member you can use our care around and during the KNWU beach races.
  • You can use our technical support for the KNWU beach races.
  • Members can use the option to spray your bike after the KNWU beach races.
  • After every KNWU beach race you are most welcome to our own aftertalk party!
  • You will receive special offers and discounts at Beach Bastards Shop and Koerspret.
  • You are welcome at the pleasant season closing (end of March).
  • In addition to your cycling jersey, you will receive a frame sticker to demonstrate your membership.

Koerspret is also a partner of SportWallet, so while riding your daily rounds you can now also collect your discount for this awesome beer brand. What else do we need as a cyclist!

Please find my taste test here!

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