Oveofit- Pulse massage gun

What is it?

The Oveofit is a battery powered, handheld percussive massager.

What’s in that good looking storage case?

Travel CaseUser GuidePower Adapter Massage GunMassage Heads


All of you know the drill here. Open up the box, grab the charger and top off the battery before using the first time. My unit was really close to full so it was ready to go quickly.Which head to use is completely up to you but I’d suggest starting with the cushion or one of the rounder heads because this will help you to learn about the intensity of the massager, the speed settings and working soft tissue in proximity to bones and joints.From there you should experiment and find out what works best for you.


From the first use I knew this would get regular use by everyone in the house. The Oveofit is super easy to use, adjust and the results are tangible. When you have sore muscles, active massage is something that physically makes a difference. It’s not always easy to tackle that on your own and with this device it’s easy for most aches.

What I like

  • Great focused massage on demand
  • Interchangeable heads specific to muscle groups
  • Quiet operation
  • Storage case keeps it all together

What I’d change

  • Single power button would be great
  • Let it fit in the case with a massage head attached

Final thoughts

A percussion massager is a great addition to my toolkit into deal with any type of muscular aches and pains. The Oveofit is easy to use, quiet and provides a set of massage heads to target different muscle groups. In my opinion, this is one of those products that pays for itself very quickly.

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