Turf and Surf – 75 km endurance ride

As a leader, I took charge of the Turf and Surf route on Zwift, conquering the 75 km endurance ride at an average pace of 1.84 w/kg. The dynamic course unfolded beneath me, showcasing a blend of picturesque landscapes, from rolling hills to captivating coastal views.

Guiding the pack through undulating terrains, I maintained a steady rhythm, setting the tone for the group’s endurance effort. The route’s diverse topography, coupled with a 1.84 w/kg average pace, offered a challenging yet accessible ride for participants to enjoy.

Navigating the virtual roads, I strategically tackled varying gradients, ensuring the group stayed cohesive while facing the occasional coastal winds. The endurance focus allowed everyone to find their rhythm, creating a harmonious balance between effort and enjoyment.

Throughout the journey, the Turf and Surf route provided a visually stimulating backdrop, immersing riders in the tranquility of the countryside and the invigorating energy of coastal stretches. As a leader, I encouraged camaraderie, motivating the group to push their limits and savor the virtual journey.

In summary, leading the Turf and Surf 75 km endurance ride at an average pace of 1.84 w/kg was a rewarding experience, combining strategic pacing, diverse landscapes, and a sense of community for an unforgettable Zwift adventure. But this ride couldn’t have gone so great without the other in the Zwift Netherlands crew, check here our other 21 rides.

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