Welcome on my blog about cycling but also other sports I do, like running and skiing!

If you wonder why about mostly cycling you better start reading my “about me” first. I think this will explain a lot but if not then I probably made myself not clear enough…. I LOVE CYCLING!

Amongst sharing here with you my most interesting rides (mostly with friends), I write about my running and skiing experiences but also share reviews of brands I support or those that support me. I know this sounds a bit commercial but I can honestly say that I am not doing this to receive free stuff. My intention is to tell why I choose those brands, stick with them and the connection I have with them, after all “we link together”.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and please leave your comments and / or remarks either on the posts or via the contact form.

For now bare with me during the upgrade of my blog and watch out for more content during the next days.

Like the Zwift motto I say: Ride on!

Latest Posts

  • Spoortemonneetje – Review
    A few days ago I received a like from @spoortemonneetje on my Instagram account. As I am always curious about who are those account I checked their profile and saw that they are a little company making wallets, bags and more from used track tires. So I started to explore their website and discovered that … Read more
  • Spoortemonneetje
    A little Dutch company that create wallets, bags and more out of bicycle tires! The start They started with creating a sturdy case for a cycling computer. Not much later a (bicycle) material bag was needed. And after that a wallet followed up soon. All hand made! The wallet was and idea from her father … Read more
  • Koersplaat – Review
    On Januari 31st I came in contact with Koersplaat about my favorite route, the reason why we started this conversation is because they posted on their Instagram account a route named “Rondje Rotte” which literally is in my backyard. I told them that my favorite route, or the one I am still most proud of, … Read more
  • Koersplaat
    Who is Koersplaat? This startup company creates beautiful wall art of famous cycling tours. The idea came from riding thousands of kilometers together in the wheel. Tour in harsh conditions, reports classics and debilitating climbs. Koersplaat is a tribute to the most beautiful cycling tours. They have wall art created from the all known routes … Read more
  • Skiing – Coming up soon!
    As I am writing this it is February 21 2020, my ski trip to Val Thorens is 8 days away and I am very excited of it. This probably will raise some questions if you know me and my history…. so let me try to answer. Why? Because this will be the first time since … Read more
  • First time running
    It is Sunday Januari 26 and the weather looks fabulous, a bit cold but straight blue sky. I look outside and start to wonder if I will try to run. Trying I hear you say? Just put on your shoes and start running. But it is for me not that simple. My last run was … Read more
  • Cyclepunks Collective
    We are a great bunch of like minded cyclists from all around the world who are deeply passionate about cycling. For us riding bikes is not just a Hobby it’s our Life and our Identity. Here we tell you the stories of our members, their cycling adventures, cycling routes, best recipes, infos about their bike … Read more
  • Busybee Bike Products
    Busybee Bike Products is a bike component distributor from Teteringen in The Neherlands. They started in 2016 to ensure that bicycle stores in the Benelux are offered unique and distinctive products. And they are still continue to look for these types of products to continue to surprise stores, but also consumers. Together with their flexible … Read more
  • Merida Build up & Virgin Ride
    Now the bike is painted by Carbon Herstel (Recovery) it is time to start pimping the rest of the bike. As my current Bontragerwheels are white/red, which were perfect on my Trek 2.5 bike. I wanted something different but not spending many euros on new wheels. So I checked if it was possible to remove the stickers. So … Read more
  • Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – Review
    As part of an instagram #giveaway from Carbon Herstel (Recovery) early October I won a repaint job for my Merida bike. Here you can read a review of the complete process. The Drop off On October 11 while on my way to Eindhoven for my Octoberfest ride weekend I dropped of my Merida frame. They invited me very friendly … Read more

But there is many more….

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