Welcome on my blog about cycling but also other sports I do, like running and skiing!

If you wonder why about mostly cycling you better start reading my “about me” first. I think this will explain a lot but if not then I probably made myself not clear enough…. I LOVE CYCLING!

Amongst sharing here with you my most interesting rides (mostly with friends), I write about my running and skiing experiences but also share reviews of brands I support or those that support me. I know this sounds a bit commercial but I can honestly say that I am not doing this to receive free stuff. My intention is to tell why I choose those brands, stick with them and the connection I have with them, after all “we link together”.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and please leave your comments and / or remarks either on the posts or via the contact form.

For now bare with me during the upgrade of my blog and watch out for more content during the next days.

Like the Zwift motto I say: Ride on!

Latest Posts

  • PACCK – Winning a giveaway
    As part of an instagram giveaway from Word Cycling together with PACKK I won a full kit from them. The kit consist of a bib short, jersey and gilet, which is an amazing amount for a giveaway. After a couple of weeks, due to Brexit it took longer as usual, I received the package. Opening …
  • Respect
    I awe I am reading the messages about “trail respect” on the MTB Praat Facebook page and the way people are disrespecting each other in the discussion about this. How can you have a fair discussion about this when people don’t even listen to another anymore or being ignorant about the facts that are stated? …
  • 6.000 follower giveaway
    Announcing a GIVEAWAY organized together with Parentini_nl and Brakeaway I am almost at 6.000 followers on my Instagram account, something I would never ever dreamed of reaching, and the guys from Parentini and Brakeaway supported me from almost the beginning. I am humble for their support and proud to do this giveaway together with them. …
  • Inspire.Repeat
    Via my instagram I came in contact with INSPIRE.REPEAT , a company creating amazing cycling socks. After the initial contact was made we agreed to do some promotion for them and their socks. On my instagram I will not only post pictures but I will also write a review here on this blog (to be …
  • Closing 2020 – Beginning 2021
    The year 2020 was a strange and difficult year, which started of actually really good with the removal of the last material from my hip. The freedom in movement gave me also the abillity to ski again in Val Thorens. But returning from this amazing trip was the start of a period, which has not …
  • 15% discount at
    Please find 15% discount on Parentini clothing via:
  • Interview with Orthomovement – Feel the joy of movement after two hip fractures
    A couple of weeks ago I had an interview with Anna from Ortho Movement about who I am and why I use their insole products. The original interview can be found on their website but I couldn’t resist to also make a copy on my own site here. The Interview We always have to appreciate what …
  • Tunap Sports – product review
    This is a product review of 2 Tunap Sports products: Suspension Cleaner Intensive Cleaner Both are for specific reasons and in the review I explain what and how (unfortunately only in Dutch but English subtitles are available). Tunap Sports Suspension Cleaner Tunap Sports Suspension Cleaner has been specifically developed for cleaning your suspension. Tunap Sports …
  • Voxom – Product Reviews
    As part of my collaboration with Sport Import GmbH I got in contact with Edgar. He is the product manager for the own brand of Sport Import GmbH called VOXOM. VOXOM VOXOM is a German based company with an extensive product assortment. The VOXOM range includes over 200 products. Their mission statement is: VOXOM – …
  • ReHook Plus
    The definite cycling multitool. Includes tyre levers, spoke keys, chain tool, wrenches, hex keys and more. @rehookbike Plus is the ultimate tool to get you back on your bike. It incorporates tyre levers, wrenches, spoke keys, screwdriver and hex heads with the classic Rehook tool head. Your new road side cycle tool kit and the …

But there is many more….

In the main menu on the left hand side you can find more blog posts (under home), information about my favorite brands, reviews of products I have tested as well as more information about me. Also under news you can find the Weekly Cycling news…. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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