As you probably have read in my “about me” I broke my hip both in July 2017 (right side) and August 2018 (left side). Both were unlucky crashes but that left me with some fixing material in my in both side of the hips. As this material gave me a lot of grieves, daily discomfort, I got it removed as soon as it was allowed. This meant that in April 11th 2019 my right side was the first to be done. As you can see below this weren’t small ones:

After the right side was done the left side started to get me more discomfort than before which meant I couldn’t wait until this material (only partly) was going to be removed. On Thursday 16th of January it was D-day, it does feel like a liberation, and also my left side is done:

Seeing both scans and the actual screws you can imagine how this would have impacted me over the last years. I am looking forward to cycle and run without discomfort again but even more important to be able to go pain free through my daily live.

See you soon on the bike!

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