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The guys from Diamond Dust contacted me to test their “Pre Race” product, in two different flavors lemon-lime or mango. Diamond Dust is a Danish Brand and their mission is to be the world most used “pre race” across the Globe! They have experts in every area of the cardio world and they strive to be the best at product innovation and quality. But this immediately races the question what is a “Pre Race” product. A “Pre Race” is a product that prepares the athlete for a hard workout and it is designed to be consumed 20-30 minutes before training. The ingredients of the product can be found here.

How to use the pre race

Depending on your bodyweight, see table below, you should determine your dose. To have the best effect the recommendation is that you should start with half the amount of the dose in the table and then work your way. In general the best effect is from 2-3 measuring spoons, I found a good result at 3 spoons which was matching the table perfectly.

Before every training the last 2 weeks I took 3 measuring spoons and added it directly in a bottle of cold water. During the 20-30 minutes before my training I emptied the bottle and the fun thing is you could a kind of tingling sensation through your skin, something very normal caused by the beta alanin. Advise is if you get more tingles in the skin than you like start drinking it 1-2 hours before the training or race. In other words take longer to empty your bottle as long as you drink it all max 20 before your exercise.

Diamond Dust
To get the best taste the ratio between powder and water should be 1 measuring spoon for every 100 ml of cold water.


For me using the Diamond Dust “Pre Race” product has a positive effect. The ingredients do their job well and as an side effect is also have less headaches after the training, my guess it works the same as the cramp prevention. So I think I will add this to my list of products to use for every training! Although I hope they will add more flavors as the lemon is currently pretty sour and the mango pretty sweet. Something in the middle would be perfect 🙂

I would rate this product 4 out of 5 stars because of the current flavors:

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