Virgin Ride – Jaroon

Last Friday (May 29) it was finally the day my Jaroon arrived. I received a message in the afternoon, around 15:00, that she was ready to be picked up. Of course I couldn’t wait much longer and therefore as quick as I could drove to the Italian Cycle Experience (ICE) to first she her. The color was more amazing as I expected and the orange popped out immediately. Jaroon is a real Jeroen.

As normally when I visit ICE the bike was already setup at the right height and all the settings where in place so that I could ride it out of the shop (figuratively speaking). With both bikes, I had the NDR also with me because the front disc was squeaking and Martin from ICE fixed this easily, in the car I drove back home.

At home I had some accessoires waiting for the bike, like the Rapha Bar Bag, the All Mountain Velcro Strap, which suited the bike color perfectly and the Garmin Edge Explorer for navigating my Gravel routes (planned with Komoot).

Time for my first ride! After dinner I took Jaroon out on here first ride, it was amazing to feel the bike handling. Normally with a new bike you have to get familiarized to this but Wilier did a great job of find a way to have a completely different bike of completely different material give the same riding experience. First this I did was showing it off to my parents, my dad is also a bike enthousiast. They liked it a lot and after a short visit it was time to put the bike to a real test, searched some gravel and let her shine.

Here you can find some picture of that ride, regardless the surface the bike handles very reactive and rides comfortably.

Also the next day I took the bike out for a ride, of course! But not before I slapped on a safe-id tag, giving access to your information to first responders in case something happens is important.

Finding some Gravel between Gouda and Nieuwerkerk was the icing on the cake. Small bridges and some single tracks where the opportunity to test the bike handling even more. My overall opinion it past expectations and cannot wait for further adventures.

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