Since May 2019 I am a member of (WebHaaZ) we will tell stories about our members, good content with routes, trainings, their lives and their passions.

We started with a huge enthusiasm, desire to work hard and the luck of having an amazing group of people.

Allblack cycling club was born in 2018, with the idea of uniting cyclists from around the world from our same passion, cycling.

We connected in some way through our photos, our bikes and the same flag.
“Many countries, but we all pedal under the same sky”

…. it starts … and we’re going to burst it!


Use the code: allblack_TS2019
(20% in all products except existing offers and packages, for the remaining year 2019)
Link :
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg (BeNeLux)



Spain : (details on ordering in Spain for Bike&Bodycare will follow)

In order to get a special 20%
discount on all products * please follow @tunap.sports.benelux @tunapsportsitalia @tunap_sports_es or @tunap.sports.
(* except existing deals and packages)

I am also part of another Instagram community: Cyclepunks Collective.

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