DHaRCO Clothing

Through @PureBikePassion I came in contact with the brand DHaRCO. This Australian MTB (life) style brand goes a bit further then ordinary brands. On their website the state the following:

DHaRCOs philosophy:  We believe amazing fabric, a great fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing. We use simple, functional lines and allow MTB clothing to be influenced by street/surf wear. So you feel more like you are wearing normal clothes, yet highly technical. We don’t believe in marketing gimmick features. We focus on comfort and what we really want as riders.

This is exactly what I like about the brand, the no-nonsense, which fits perfectly in how I think about life. So I am happy and proud to represent them through a partnership with Pure Bike Passion.

No ordinary life!

Each time I am on my MTB now I will ride DHaRCO like for example during my Charity Ride.

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