Octoberfest Ride – Eindhoven

Team No Proof – No Glory did it again. After a successful Grand Fondo Rosa weekend it was time for another weekend with some cycling. This time the Mierlo / Eindhoven area was the place to be. At the following Roompot parc.


Friday – Arrival

On Friday we all arrived on different times because some of us still had to work where others took the time off already. Me myself first went to Carbon Herstel in Rijen to bring my Merida road bike for repair and a fresh new paint job, this I won at an instagram #giveaway. I am still speechless about this and I will reveal the final result in another post.

After this visit I drove to Mierlo to meetup with Lisette for some biking. The weather forecast wasn’t better then the actual situation so we decided to go for an coffee instead of biking. Catching up with some Cappuccino was a better idea.

At around 15:00 we could enter our cabin and the unpacking began. I am always amazed how much stuff, in my case for about 2 weeks, you bring for just 3 days. After unpacking it was time for some small relaxing while waiting for the others to arrive.

At around 16:20 Bianca joined us at the bungalow and the first thing she discovered that my Nespresso machine was lacking the water reservoir. So the first thing we had to do after she also settled was a short walk to the supermarket to fetch old fashion coffee and filters. When we got back at the cabin it was almost time to start prepping dinner. Boukje and Edwin (yes, he finally also has Instagram) where still under way when we were enjoining a good pasta, thanks Lisette it tasted very good. When also Boukje and Edwin arrived the real party could start and of course some Gin was part of that.

Saturday – Oktoberfest

Saturday morning started with a nice breakfast because we didn’t had to start that early. At around 10:00 we left our cabin to drive to the start, only 8 km away. At the start we picked up our race plates and off we went. The rain of yesterday was all gone and it even became sunny during the ride

Around the first and only stop Bianca, Lisette and myself decided to go for the shortest route (about 65 km) were Boukje and Edwin would take the middle one (around 85 km). With of course some mandatory stops to take some Instagram pictures we arrived back at the Cyklist in Eindhoven, where we took our finish photo. After a quick change we returned back there to start the Oktoberfest party, with beer of course.

With the Oktoberfest Ride, we closed the 2019 road cycling season in style. Afterwards we had a good time in the Oktoberfest Finish Village. There was really an Oktoberfest atmosphere, with delicious drinks, good food and cheerful Dirndl’s – Johny Johny Däbb Däbb Däbb.

Back at the cabin after we all showered, only 5 minutes each otherwise we would have drowned, the ladies went out to fetch us some pizzas, not the best I ever eat. With some Gin and lots of laughs we ended this wonderful day.

The next morning again a very relaxed breakfast and then it was time to cycle again. We all suited ourself in the new Oktoberfest jerseys, received the day before, and a Garmin surprise ride brought us back after about 35 km kilometers. As the weather was so beautiful we decided to have lunch/dinner outside, with all the food we had brought we could have eaten another 4 days.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful weekend.

Thank you all for this amazing weekend and let’s plan the next one soon. Friends forever and always in my heart!

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