AMS Velcro Strap – Review

This review is about the AMS Velcro Strap from The strap is designed to carry a tube, CO2 cartridge and tire levers in case you ran into a flat without your gravel bike. Instead of having to carry them in your shirt or in an ugly saddle case (which most of the time won’t fit as you have your saddle bike packing bag there) you can easily wrap the strap around your frame. Much cooler look!

Assemble the AMS Strap is very easy and it just takes 4 easy steps:

  • Unwrap your tire
  • Wrap it around your tire levers and CO2 cartridge
  • Wrap the AMS Strap around it
  • Tie it to your upper tube

As you can see the tire is wrapped around the top tube very firmly and cannot move. Cannot wait to try it out on the trails.


  • Smooth material that wraps around your bike frame tubes taking care of them
  • Non-slip features for both frame and essentials
  • Light and doesn’t absorb water or mud
  • Universal fitting: all bike frames
  • Durable, strong and soft
  • Withstands high and low temperatures
  • Much more cooler than a saddle bag

Instead of using it on the trails first I slapped it onto my new Gravel bike (close to my safe-id tag!) and now taking it onto all my rides.

More pictures can be found here!

AMS (AllMountain Style)

AMS, is a trademark from Niche Commerce, S.L. from Barcelona (Europe). We design, and develop our own products, for the hobbies we’re passionate about, and manufacture them in exclusivity using local manufacturers as we strongly believe in re-industrialization and the makers movement.

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