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As part of my collaboration with Sport Import GmbH I got in contact with Edgar. He is the product manager for the own brand of Sport Import GmbH called VOXOM.


VOXOM is a German based company with an extensive product assortment. The VOXOM range includes over 200 products. Their mission statement is:

VOXOM – the bicycle accessory. Quality – that is the central property of a product! Nothing convinces as much as functionality and durability at a sensible and balanced price. And: Quality is always honest and not an empty promise. VOXOM is quality and delivers what it promises. We don’t like advertising fog. Cyclists who use Voxom bicycle parts and accessories will quickly notice: VOXOM is the honest choice.

Product Reviews

As part of the collaboration Edgar asked me, during an hour online TEAMS meeting, to test some of their products and provide 100% honest feedback of those products. The idea about me testing the products was my experience in cycling as well as independent feedback of those products. Sometimes just testing the products in-house doesn’t give you the right feedback you need for product improvements. So we decided together to start with the following products first:

All these products will be assembled on my Wilier Jaroon gravel bike, which also have the WTB ByWay 40 from Sport Import GmbH fitted. During the assembly and testing I will take videos / pictures to show how the products as well as the assembly works.

Floor Air Pump – Black

The Voxom Floor Air Pump comes at a price of € 19,95 which is very competitve with other products. Especially because of the Clever-Valve principle. This means the pump can be used for presta and schrader without turning the valve. You just apply the pump to the valve and it automaticly adjust to the type of valve you have. This is a very clever and useful feature.

The length of the pump is 55 cm and myself with a length of 1.80 m can use the pump without any problems. What I really like about the pump is the meter, normally the meter is located on the bottom of the pump and see how many psi or bar you put into your tire is a bit difficult to see. With the Voxom pump the meter is close to your valve and as such improve the readability.

The pump itself has a max pressure of 120psi / 8.2 bar, which is for my bike a perfect range to apply the right pressure.

Mini Pump – Orange

The Orange Mini pump is with a price of €12,95 extremely well priced for such an useful article.

When unpacking, just cutting 2 tie-wraps, you feel that it is very lightweight. Just 110 grams isn’t much for this kind of quality. The little clip to attach the pump is just 12 grams so with a total of 122 grams you can fit this pump easily on your bike.

The pump can be just for both presta as well as schrader without switcher the head, clever valve this is called. As I will be using this pump on both my gravel as well as my MTB this is very useful.

One other create feature on this pump is the handle. You can clip it out so that you can use your full hand while pumping. Combined with the HP, high pressure, or HV, high volume, option of this pump getting air in the tires is an easy job.

With the clip you can attach the pump below your water bottle cage, makes it almost invisible, so that you can never forget to bring your pump while riding. The optional Velcro strap can be used to secure the pump from unclipping while riding. Very useful when you go off-road while graveling or mountain biking.

Here is a little video of me assemble the pump on my bike:

Pump is matching beautifully the Wilier color scheme:

Mini Pump – Silver / Black

The silver / black pump is slightly higher priced €14,95 but that difference can be easily explained. Instead of a hard plastic tube, orange, this one has a metal base. This makes the pump slightly heavier but also sturdier. The rest of the options are identical.

Fidlock Water Bottle

The Fidlock water bottle comes at a price of €34,95 which you could see as steep but the truth is otherwise. This is not only a bottle but also a bottle cage. The small part that is fitted where normal your bottle cage should go is holding magnets. This gives your bike a very clean look!

The bottle itself is 600 ml, so big enough also for longer rides, is attaching itself to the magnets with a click. It then secured itself so that it cannot come off. Not even when riding off-road. The drink nipple can be opened with your mouth but not in such way that water already drips out.

The cage holder can be combined with the mini pump clip without any problems.

Here is a little video how the fidlock water bottles fitting my bike:

Bar tape – Reflective

The bar tape comes at a price of  € 34,95 which I think is very reasonable for the features of this tape. The handlebar tape is made of very resistant silicone which makes it non-slip. It has a great thickness which makes it tear-resistant and most import because I am using it on my gravel bike shock absorbing. The feature I like the most and the reason why I wanted this is because it has reflective accents for better visibility, see the little video below.

Included in the package are next to the tape itself handlebar end caps as well as some top tape to stick the final piece on your bar. The size is 200x3cm which is even on a gravel steer the right length.

Here you can see a little video how reflective the tape:

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