Skiing – Coming up soon!

As I am writing this it is February 21 2020, my ski trip to Val Thorens is 8 days away and I am very excited of it. This probably will raise some questions if you know me and my history…. so let me try to answer.

Because this will be the first time since my accidents that I will be in the snow again. The idea of skiing down the mountain both excites and scares me.

What if I crash?
According to my medical exam I do not have issues with bone density or whatsoever so there are no medical restrictions I cannot ski. Also I have bought some crash pants, which should protect the arias previously damaged.

Why take the risk?
I started skiing when I was 21 and skied for many years back to back. The thrill when going downhill in an environment so pure, the air, the sound, makes everything worthwhile. Next to that if I cannot do what I love why do I live in the first place….

Where do you go?
As mentioned Val Thorens and the reason is because I know that area very well. I know the slopes to take and to avoid. I know the route there and I know that even when the conditions are not perfect I still have a great holiday there.

With who are you going?
As always I am going with my cousin Sven but this year two of his friends will join. I think it will be a very good group to have lots of fun with.

Read more about my trip here!

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