Week 45

252 Likes, 8 Comments on Instagram: “ My last post was about my biking in California last Sunday. My first KM on a bike in the USA 🇺🇸. Today I really went above and beyond. Together with a colleague we rented some proper road bikes and went out at 6

Week 44

333 Likes, 15 Comments on Instagram: “ I thought my road season was over but it seems it will be extended with at least one more day. Next week I am planning to do some cycling in Dana Point, California. Very excited about this as I have been to the

Week 43

335 Likes, 27 Comments on Instagram: “ With the days go shorter the time to reflect past season is almost there. Did your season went as expected? What did and what did not? Let me know as I am interested not only in the good but also the lesser things

Week 42

304 Likes, 4 Comments on Instagram: “ I had a wonderful time with my good friends this weekend. It is always a blessing to spend time with the people that are close to you. It already feels time to start planning the next one 😊. What we did you can

The Charity Ride

On Saturday the 19th it was finally time to put myself in a uncomfortable position for those who cannot ride anymore. The "When the lights go out" charity ride against ALS in Eindhoven was on the program. Weeks of anticipation came now together into this one MTB evening ride. At around

Week 41

248 Likes, 7 Comments on Instagram: “ This weekend it will be one of my last tour rides on my road bike for this year. Although physically it wasn’t my best year I have to confess that my Wilier is a pleasure to ride. The elastomer really works and takes

Carbon Herstel (Recovery)

Carbon Herstel (recovery), powerful and flexible in carbon repair. Why would you throw away a carbon bicycle frame if carbon repair is the solution? For years, broken or torn carbon frames and parts have ended up as waste. Thanks to the development of carbon fabrics, epoxy resins and repair techniques,

Week 40

260 Likes, 9 Comments on Instagram: “Summer turned into fall instantly. Still thinking back of the beautiful time I had in Italy where my bike felt at home. #welinktogether"

Week 39

318 Likes, 19 Comments on Instagram: “SOUND ON - Thinking back of some awesome weather we had this summer. Makes me happy 😊 #welinktogether”

Week 38

296 Likes, 36 Comments on Instagram: “The last couple of weeks I suffer from headaches after my cycling. It starts some hours after I return. I try to drink and eat enough pre, during and after my ride but still those headaches kick in. They last about 12-24 hours after