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Week 46

247 Likes, 21 Comments on Instagram: “Life is better with friends they say…. Biking with friends is even better! Thank you @boukjev and @bfr._bianca is was a pleasure to wake up this early on a Sunday and have this very good ride 🙏#welinktogether“

Week 45

252 Likes, 8 Comments on Instagram: “ My last post was about my biking in California last Sunday. My first KM on a bike in the USA 🇺🇸. Today I really went above and beyond. Together with a colleague we rented some proper road bikes and went out at 6 am for 70 km 😍….

Week 44

333 Likes, 15 Comments on Instagram: “ I thought my road season was over but it seems it will be extended with at least one more day. Next week I am planning to do some cycling in Dana Point, California. Very excited about this as I have been to the US many many times but…

Week 43

335 Likes, 27 Comments on Instagram: “ With the days go shorter the time to reflect past season is almost there. Did your season went as expected? What did and what did not? Let me know as I am interested not only in the good but also the lesser things of my instafriends.#welinktogether“

Week 42

304 Likes, 4 Comments on Instagram: “ I had a wonderful time with my good friends this weekend. It is always a blessing to spend time with the people that are close to you. It already feels time to start planning the next one 😊. What we did you can read on my blog, link…

Week 41

248 Likes, 7 Comments on Instagram: “ This weekend it will be one of my last tour rides on my road bike for this year. Although physically it wasn’t my best year I have to confess that my Wilier is a pleasure to ride. The elastomer really works and takes out most of the rough…

Week 40

260 Likes, 9 Comments on Instagram: “Summer turned into fall instantly. Still thinking back of the beautiful time I had in Italy where my bike felt at home. #welinktogether”

Week 39

318 Likes, 19 Comments on Instagram: “SOUND ON – Thinking back of some awesome weather we had this summer. Makes me happy 😊 #welinktogether”

Week 38

296 Likes, 36 Comments on Instagram: “The last couple of weeks I suffer from headaches after my cycling. It starts some hours after I return. I try to drink and eat enough pre, during and after my ride but still those headaches kick in. They last about 12-24 hours after the ride. How do I…

Week 37

280 Likes, 11 Comments on Instagram: “Medal 🏅 Monday, a long time tradition on Instagram. I am not sure if I ever posted a medal on Monday but if not you have to start or follow a tradition at one point 😉. My medal is from yesterday’s @tourrides Gran Fondo Rotterdam. With the start and…