Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – New tires and other parts

The Merida frame received its final touches on Tuesday 26th by Carbon Herstel (Recovery) and soon ready for me to pick it up. So with the Bontrager wheels pimped it was time to order some new tires and other parts, as they would not match the new paint job.

Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – Pimp my wheels

Now the bike is painted it is time to start pimping the rest of the bike. As my current Bontrager wheels are white/red, which were perfect on my Trek 2.5 bike. Wheels in the original state I wanted something different but not spending many euros on new wheels. So I checked if

Week 46

247 Likes, 21 Comments on Instagram: “Life is better with friends they say.... Biking with friends is even better!Thank you @boukjev and @bfr._bianca is was a pleasure to wake up this early on a Sunday and have this very good ride 🙏#welinktogether"

Mountain biking in Bergen op Zoom

Today was a very good day. Bianca and Boukje invited me to do some mountain biking in Bergen op Zoom. The tracks over there are divided in 2 routes, green and black. As the black one is a bit more for experience riders we decided upfront to do the green

Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – The paint job

On November 14th I received a new picture of the process. They sanded the frame completely and did put the base layer onto it. Also we had contact about the paint job itself. We changed the idea slightly (not telling to much) but the original idea in general still holds.


LET’S DO THIS AGAIN IN 2020 ANNOUCEMENTWe invite you to cycle with us on Sunday 29 March 2020. The second edition of @biboxperience #socialride on the RACEBIKESend us a direct message if you are going to join and cycle with us.This year (2019) we had our first edition. This was

Carbon Herstel (Recovery) – The fix

Today I received the first picture of the repair Carbon Herstel did on my back bridge. It realy looks like magic. I cannot wait for next week when they start the paint job You can see the results here when I receive more pictures......

Week 45

252 Likes, 8 Comments on Instagram: “ My last post was about my biking in California last Sunday. My first KM on a bike in the USA 🇺🇸. Today I really went above and beyond. Together with a colleague we rented some proper road bikes and went out at 6

Week 44

333 Likes, 15 Comments on Instagram: “ I thought my road season was over but it seems it will be extended with at least one more day. Next week I am planning to do some cycling in Dana Point, California. Very excited about this as I have been to the

Week 43

335 Likes, 27 Comments on Instagram: “ With the days go shorter the time to reflect past season is almost there. Did your season went as expected? What did and what did not? Let me know as I am interested not only in the good but also the lesser things