Carbon Herstel (Recovery)

Carbon Herstel (recovery), powerful and flexible in carbon repair.

Why would you throw away a carbon bicycle frame if carbon repair is the solution?

For years, broken or torn carbon frames and parts have ended up as waste. Thanks to the development of carbon fabrics, epoxy resins and repair techniques, Carbon Herstel is today a fully-fledged alternative. In addition, Carbon Herstel is also many times cheaper than purchasing a new frame. Various tests have shown that a professionally repaired carbon racing or carbon mountain bike frame is once again as strong as before the break or crack. In addition, we repair carbon without thickening on the frame. This makes the repaired carbon frame invisible after painting at Carbon Herstel.

Carbon Herstel specializes in carbon repair according to the high standard of aviation repairs.

Why do I have Carbon Herstel on my page you might think. The reason is that last year I broke my Merida carbon frame and since then it hang unused in my bike room. As I have multiple bikes repairing it was not really a priority so I kept delaying it until I won an instagram #giveaway early October. Here are some picture of my current bike:

How the design will be I will reveal later!!!!

Follow the process steps here:
The Drop Off
The Fix
More steps will follow soon

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