DHaRCO Clothing

Through @PureBikePassion I came in contact with the brand DHaRCO. This Australian MTB (life) style brand goes a bit further then ordinary brands. On their website the state the following: DHaRCOs philosophy:  We believe amazing fabric, a great fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing. We use simple, functional

Cambridge Chamois Cream

In the past I have tried several creams as well as vaseline, but this Cambridge Chamois Cream is much better. It is less sticky and has a slightly cooling effect, but most important only a little is needed. But what is Cambridge Chamois Cream? Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Clay and Essential Oils of Tea Tree

Italian Cycle Experience

  The Italian Cycle Experience Center is located in the center of Bergschenhoek where every cyclist can indulge. With brands such as Wilier Triestina, Vittoria and Fizik you will find here a space full of quality products and inspiration for cycling enthusiasts. With every purchase, service comes first with them. They are a