At Altuvita they spend their time riding – roads, mountains, trails or gravel – whatever the elements. They need the adventure, the exercise, the camaraderie, the views, the big skies as well as the time to think and time to switch off. They got to thinking: we need our phones and

Pure Bike Passion

Why do I have @PureBikePassion listed under my favorite brands you might ask..... the reason is plain and simple: because they are a webshop with a personal touch! What does this mean a personal touch.... the owner of PBP said the following about why he started his webshop: We want to give access

Gravity Check

Great brands are born in moments of sudden inspiration. Gravity Check® had its eureka moment when founder Ofer Raz, an avid roadie, found himself sitting with friends during another après-ride recap following another long day’s journey. He looked around the table at his riding mates and noticed that, as always,

Keepe Jewelry and Apparel

Keepe is about finding your inner strength to cope with whatever life throws at you. About pedaling on, taking advantage of your inner resources to deal with life’s crises, using what you have within to overcome difficulty and move on. We all deal with challenges or crises in life, some are minor


A couple of days back I received some samples from my cycling friend Bianca to test. The samples do not contain any brand information and are packed anonymously. Here a small review of the two test samples: The gel is very neutral and doesn’t feel like some others brands like chewing

We link together!

We Link Together - Parentini Limited Edition The chain is our drive, brings us together and where we want to be. This unique could only be ordered via pre-order (ended July 7th 2019, at 22:00 CET). It was a guaranteed limited edition, which meant that you would be cycling around in an exclusive

Tunap Sports

TUNAP Sports introduces a new product line that focuses on both cycling as well as the athlete. This is a unique concept whereby TUNAP not only produces bicycle care products, but also body care products. TUNAP Sports exclusively develops people and environmentally friendly products including a unique recycling concept. Bring your


In Februari 2018 I came in contact with Rodney of Brakeaway. They are the Dutch distributor for Parentini. The reason why Rodney contact me was because they saw on instagram that I, as founder of Team Mont Ventiel, was looking for sponsors and they could provide custom team kit of the Parentini brand. Parentini